Patient health history

Collect all the information you need before a patient's first appointment with this customizable health history questionnaire.

Simplify your workflows

Collecting and managing a patient's health history is key to accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. But the traditional method of using paper forms is tedious and prone to human error. This health history form can help you maintain an accurate record for patients without the hassle and can easily become part of a patient workflow. Sections for family history, general health history, and electronic signatures are included to help you collect all the information you need before the patient's first appointment.

Enhance the patient experience

This health history questionnaire is flexible and easy to customize. Add your organization's branding and tweak fonts, buttons, and messaging to make your form look just right. Personalization is just as important as design, so be sure to use Conditional Logic to dynamically show or hide questions and give patients a more custom experience.

Protect your data with HIPAA

With Formstack's HIPAA compliant solution, you can safely collect, store, and export healthcare information on any device. Advanced data encryption, user-level permissions, audit logging, and regular security maintenance make it easy to protect the info patients share with you on this health history questionnaire. The best part? No paper shredding, faxing, or filing needed.

Reduce waiting room delays

To cycle through appointments faster, let patients fill out all necessary patient onboarding forms before they even step foot in your office. This health history form template looks great on any device and can be shared on your website or emailed out to patients. You'll get the information you need sooner, and patients won't have to spend time in the waiting room filling out paper forms.

Streamline patient onboarding

Portals can help you bundle new patient forms together in one place so patients can fill them out from the comfort of home or on the go. Add this health history form template to a patient portal, easily track completion progress, and send out gentle email reminders to patients that still need to fill out forms before their appointment.

Using Formstack reduces failure when bringing in new patients. It increases efficiency and cuts down on data entry for both patients and staff.
Dr. Chris Bojrab
President of Indiana Health Group

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